TOTO SW502-01 B100 Washlet for Lengthened Latrine Bowl Audit – Low Cost Superior Execution

Assuming that you’re searching for all out solace cleanliness without spending excessively, the TOTO SW502#01 B100 Washlet is the most ideal choice. TOTO washlet is a finished bundle that puts all that you want in a cleaning console. The B100 series is the furthest down the line increases to their washlet family; it is plan to fit all extended latrine models.

This new model simplifies your day to day routine, particularly for senior and crippled individual to carry on with a cheerful way of life. This highlights a warmed seat which is ideal during cold season; I 토토사이트 surmise nobody needs to situate on a freezing latrine. This is a temperature controlled activity that can be set by your own inclinations.

Not just that, this coordinated bidet has a flexible water temperature and volume control for calming feeling, the perfect proportion of water pouring on it eliminates all the soil with a basic press of a button. This makes it conceivable with oneself cleaning double activity shower.

The spout will stretch out under the seat that will shower an extremely loosening up warm water. It moves to and fro to guarantee your most extreme neatness when each utilization. This dispenses with the utilization of the bathroom tissue which is exceptionally unfortunate and most frequently bothering.

The seat is designed plan that flawlessly fit by your body shape that gives you all out solace. This highlights a SoftClose seat that forestalls wounds; great assuming you have children at home and thoroughly dispense with the pummeling sound it makes, any individual who’s dozing will be blissful from not upsetting them.

Establishment is a breeze, a simple to follow manual is given that will direct you through the interaction, all you want is a close by outlet. Be that as it may, there’s a piece short on its component, the seat doesn’t accompany the air dryer and air channel. Assuming that you’re searching for it, there’s a more costly TOTO model that gives you these highlights. Albeit the vast majority don’t require everything and assuming you’re one of them, this is certainly for you.

Primary Highlights

Delicate circulated air through warm water wash that can be set the best temperature as indicated by your own inclinations

Temperature controlled warmed seat for your complete solace while seating in there, I surmise nobody needs to situate an in a chilly latrine during winter

Self cleaning double activity splash that gives greatest cleaning, it basically wipes out the utilization of bathroom tissue

SoftClose seat capability that forestalls wounds and takes out those irritating hammering sound

Simple establishment and fits most lengthened latrine that anyone could hope to find


The TOTO SW502#01 B100 Washlet gives you a definitive cleaning and solace for your own cleanliness, this makes your day to day routine simple particularly for senior and crippled individual. This new model is an insightful decision in the event that spending plan would be your anxiety.

Right now accessible for just $355 making it the most minimal cost of all TOTO washlet inline be that as it may, the exhibition it offers isn’t modest and genuinely a similar definite goodness you can get with the top of the line models albeit, a piece short in highlight as I notice previously.