DIY Ways to Recover Data From Dead Hard Drives

Your hard drive is the storage center of your computer. It stores your operating system, applications, personal files, and everything else you need to get work done. Hard drives can fail for a variety of reasons. They can fail from constant read and write operations, a lack of shock resistance, temperature fluctuations, a physical impact, and power anomalies. If you notice issues with your computer, check the hard drive first to see if there’s a problem. If your drive is failing, there are ways to recover data from a dead hard drive. You don’t need to throw out your hard drive or spend money on a new one. You can recover data from a dead hard drive with a few simple steps.

Create a bootable disk

One of the best ways to data recovery hard drive is with a bootable disk. You’ll need to download software that creates boot disks, like R-Linux or Hiren’s Boot CD. This will create a disc that you can use to access files on your dead hard drive. Boot up your computer with the disk in place and start the software on the disk. This should show you all of your files and folders, even if they’re on a different partition than the one you booted from.

Format the hard drive

When your hard drive stops working, it is still possible to recover data. Formatting the hard drive will delete all of the files on the drive and clear it out for new data. If you have an old hard drive that has been formatted and is no longer being used, use it as a storage device for transferring files from one machine to another.

Install a new hard drive

One of the easiest ways to recover data from a dead hard drive is to install a new hard drive and copy all your files onto the new drive. You can use an external hard drive, or you can replace your old hard drive with a new one. Assuming your computer boots up, this is a quick and simple way to copy all your files.

Recover deleted files

One way to recover data from a dead hard drive is to use a software program that can read deleted files. There’s a chance your computer won’t be able to access the hard drive and you won’t see any images or videos, but you may be able to find some of the files that were previously stored on the drive. You can use programs like Recuva or PhotoRec to scan your hard drive for deleted files and restore them to their original location.

Do a data recovery scan

If your hard drive is failing and you want to try to recover data from a dead hard drive, the first step is to do a data recovery scan. This will allow you to see what information is available on your hard drive before starting the recovery process. You should go into the application and follow the instructions for performing a scan of your computer. It will walk you through downloading and installing software that will analyze your system for files. Allowing a data recovery program to complete its scan before attempting any other steps may save you time in the long run.


If your hard drive is dead, you don’t have to worry. There are a few simple steps you can take to retrieve your data. The first step is to create a bootable disk. This will allow you to reformat the hard drive and install a new hard drive. The next step is to recover deleted files. Finally, do a data recovery to get any data that’s leftover.